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Hi there! Erin here! Interested in getting to know me a little better? Read on for 5 facts about me!

Updated: May 9, 2020

1. I LOVE TRAVELING. So far I have been lucky enough to spend time in 28 states and 10 countries, that number will continue to grow with my age, I never plan on giving up exploring the world.Part of the reason I decided to transition out of 9-5 work is to allow more time for travel. So far it's been the second best decision of my life!

2. I have ADHD and manage it with ease, simultaneously keeping an ear out for new and improved emerging methods to help cope. Understanding clients that ride in the same boat is a major advantage in this profession. I subconsciously seek out projects that need continual attention, and have navigated how to redirect wandering minds back to their intended area of concentration.

3. If I had to describe myself using 3 words they would be: creative, motivating, and resourceful. I am creative in that I am crafty, always looking for the beauty in broken things. I have been told my spirit is motivating, and I believe that stems from my excitement for life and positive demeanor. I have been an entrepreneur at heart since the day I was born, I can be fiercely independent but also enjoy the comrade that comes with team work, I am a big believer that there is always more to learn, so I continue to cultivate my resourcefulness.

4. I am extremely amused by astrology, and claim the sign of the Scorpio. I also enjoy entertaining myself with personality tests. Myers Briggs has classified my personality of an ENTJ. I found the perfect quote to sum up my Scorpio sign: "they may not be able to explain rationally why or how they made their decision, but they knew it was the right thing to do." ENTJ fun fact: they are decisive, self-confident, and future-oriented.

5. I started planning the day I put pen to paper. Birthday parties, outfits, meals, everything I could make a list for and plan out, I did. I have always loved entertaining, cooking for and hosting guests, and throwing themed parties.

6. BONUS INFO!! I toyed with the idea of writing for a living, using my life as the basis, but I am a terrible speller, so it would have never worked. Ironically I believe that if I weren't where I am now, I would go back to school to become a special education teacher.

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