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I have always dabbled with the idea of interior design as a career and I admire those who are in the profession deeply. Aesthetics are important when it comes to your home, essentially everything you own reflects who you are. I am not formal interior designer, but I enjoy, and have an eye for proper nesting essentials.

In December 2020 I started making my professional goals list:

  1. Finalize website

  2. Begin Social Media posting

  3. Branch out to interior decor and design

I am pleased to announce I have started all three!! The LDO webpage is under constant construction as I am always finding errors, adding more, and changing the aesthetics, just like I do IRL LOL! However, at this stage, all my pages are complete and up to date, so yay! Next up, social media, I have a HARD HARD HARDDDDD time with this. I am basically detached from my phone a majority of the day, on top of that; the time it takes to post on social media stresses me out- mainly because I am NOT savvy with it. I am learning, little by little, and have made a goal to post every single day in August 2021. So far so good!!! However, I have over 1,2o0 photos from clients over this last year. The sheer volume of content I have yet to post is daunting, but not impossible to overcome. I started by organizing my photos by client, then room, before/after. Now my system is in place I can start updating my blog spot more regularly so you can see the real deals!!! The third goal, interior design, happen to fall into my lap with the perfect place. Annie and Neel Roy moved to the US from India about 15 years ago. Three years ago they began relocating from Los Angeles to Bellevue. January 23, 2020 their first son, Aaron was born! By the time the Roy's reached out to me, they had already done a major remodel job and it was beautiful! The only problem was, they have yet to have the time to make it their own and decorate the interior. They both have a great sense of style, his being more mid-century modern masculine and hers being more modern and soft. The furniture they had purchased prior to contacting me mid December 2020, was also gorgeous. After just 20 minutes, I was in love with this family and their home, I HAD TO WORK WITH THEM! I HOPE THEY HIRE ME! They did!! The scope of the job: Baby Aaron's first birthday Jan 23rd, I had one month to complete the job before throwing a party for family and close friends in celebration of Aaron. It would be the first time guests see their home, and they needed my help ASAP! With two large living rooms to entertain in, I had my work cut out for me!! The process I followed: Declutter, Space Plan, Shop, edit Action-Plan, Stage, Returns, Shop more, Perfect, Decorate for Party, complete! Along the way, I enlisted in the assistance of my ever so talented mother, Marni. My mother remodeled our home FOR 17 YEARS. She would know all too well what I didn't. She was a great help for the two days she came out and guided and I appreciate her help more than she knows! Thanks Ma! Please check out the before, after, and videos from this completed job!!! Thank you Annie and Neel for trusting me with the interior of your home! I adore your family and friends :) THANK YOU !!!!!!

Below order:

AFTERS: Upstairs Living Room, Downstairs Living Room, "" Party Decor

BEFORE: Upstairs Living Room, Downstairs Living Room

Videos to be uploaded on Insta Stories!

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