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trashy to classy bathroom in 3 days!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

THAT WAS A LIE. IT TOOK 3 WEEKS. BUT HEAR ME OUT. I HAD TO QUARANTINE!!! Don't worry I did not contract COVID-19 :) just playing the smart game. I must say also, I HATE MY BATHROOM. UGH. ITS LIKE WHAT I IMAGINE 1970'S RATED R MOVIE BATHROOMS TO LOOK LIKE!!!!!!!! I am trying so hard to get over the black porcelain. But really. It just ruins everything. UNTIL I MAKE IT WORK!! But first...

Fun fact: a quart of paint will not cover more than one solid wall. I learned the hard way. Our ceiling is a totally different color than the walls. But hey, it was a free find item in the garage!

Updated!!! From a kid-friendly energetic feel into more of a calm space with a simple pallet of black white and green make this bathroom much more serene

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