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Artsy Fartsy (just kidding!)

I will be the first to admit, I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but what I do have is much more valuable. I have my imagination, love love love all things related to creativity, and am always optimistically assuming that whatever side bar situation I find myself in- will work out. AND IT ALWAYS DOES. The beauty of design and organization is that it is continual, which means we get to keep moving forward with what suits us and when; then, we can change it, WHENEVER WE WANT. I am blessed with the motivation of a pep rally coach and people generally consider me "on". I LOVE MYSELF THIS WAY. I feel accomplished and happy 99/100 days and it is the driving force that led me to pursue professional organizing as a career. I have some how surrounded myself with a best friend and boyfriend who are perpendicular to this trait of mine, but it works. See! IT ALWAYS WORKS! It works if you work it. And I work that positivity and hunger for challenge and change because no, I'm not artsy fartsy, but look at the attempted art gallery- my failures are flaunted in an aesthetically awing way, so again, it all worked out! Attitude is everything, to make sure yours is awesome today!

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