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Pioneering Projects

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Let your creative side come out while we work together, I do at home all the time! Look at before and afters, get inspiration, reclaim your space and special select pieces too!

Outdoor Decor!

Repainted this old dingy cabinet with bubblegum pink paint! Loved the idea of pink, but hated the color faded cabinet the way it was. I was lucky enough to score this piece gratis from my first client, who sadly passed away from a heart attack, Dave will always be remembered as a bright cheerful soul, just like the new "do" below!

Paint from home depot: $18

Total time: 4.5 hours (I really had to scrub and sand this one! Not to mention paint it twice!)

NEXT: thinking of adding cute handles instead of the ones I got paint all over lol )

Reupholstering this old cat scratched chair was my favorite project yet!

Itemized product list:

  1. Old chair from Target (or where ever)

  2. Gold spray paint from Tweedy Pops in Wallingford, Seattle $9

  3. Green velvet robe from Buffalo Exchange in Ballard, Seattle $12

Other materials:

  1. Staple gun & CORRECT SIZE Staples from Home Depot on Aurora, Shoreline $25

  2. All original screws (make sure not to strip them while you take them out!)

  3. Time (total 3 hours)

From old dresser to desk with shelves in closet, turned planter boxes! No before photos on this but it was a poop shoot! Originally a terrible urine yellow 6 drawer dresser (4 below2 small above)- NOW a turquoise desk! First I had to hock off the bottom portion of the dresser with a regular old saw (first time, around i did NOT cut straight, I recommend asking someone with a steady hand or table saw instead), then sanded down and created a wedge for the wobble. Added 2 coats of paint (home depot), wallpapered inside drawers and below to cover the original insides of the old dresser, and finished with anthropology knobs for a fresh take on this old beaten dresser! Something about me you will learn is I HATE WASTE! I hate wasting items, things, and all stuff, so I am constantly trying to reinvent what things are used for. Here you can see I first started with drawers in my walk-in, come spring I decided this would be my year 2 trial run planter boxes (SUPER EXPENSIVE FROM ANYWHERE ELSE TO BUILD RAISED GARDEN BEDS! The materials alone I was looking at would have cost me close to $100, you don't even have to paint the drawers if what seek is the intent and purpose rather than poised perfection for your peonies and pansies! Lessen the stress of painting and cover with flowers in front, or anything else you enjoy looking at in the garden!)

Tie-Dye Tizzy!! Lots of time on my hands during the first few months of quarantine :)

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