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JUST NOW completing the car port patio place out back lol

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Updated!!! SO I finally finished this fun area to frolic around about! Now, due to covid 19 i needed a little extra space to do my projects and zumba work outs, and before it was just junk. all junk literally! twas thy brothers but hey... he said A OK to dump so I DID. It has also served as a great outdoor movie area, BBQ fun in the sun, "yard" games, gardening, general hang out and catch up sessions, painting, and what i love doing most, CREATING! Friends and family can come here and feel safe in the outdoor space that's kid and parent friendly. Many of my family and friends have preexisting conditions, have been in the hospital, or are pregnant/have given birth recently. Since indoors is "too close for comfort" I added an extra outdoor corridor for some fun in the sun! But not too much sun.. ducking into this little hideout is away from the busy street I live on and a much needed secret space to surrender to at the end of the day.

Side note: My older brother and I share backyards, and somehow he has trickled in odds and ends that have completely taken over my space- not only are they NOT aesthetically pleasing, but it makes me not want to go outside and partake in the clutter bugged car-port I have accepted the sibling stand-off this will become... Mainly because I have already invested in patio lights. But runner up bonus this week is having a pregnant friends offering me adorable, gently used furniture, for free!! I AM SO excited you guys. Its. Finally. Happening. You can see some photos from before, this week I will start to decorate my newly blank canvas, so I will be sure to post the upgrade and maybe an inbetweener picture as well. I spent a good 5 days completing this project (add another couple of days for time spent painting furniture, and through early fall spending between one and three hours a week in the small garden, also give yourself time to find items at home to repurpose or find with a FREE sign on the corner). I would say this space took me about 22 actual hours to complete from planning to finished fun shack!! .... but over the course of two months !! see give yourself time!!

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