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Grocery Checklist w/ Printables

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

If you're anything like me, your day for the most part revolves around mealtime. Purchasing super-food items on the list is always a bonus and absolutely encouraged, I could probably do multiple entries on the health benefits of XYZ food(s), or report the nutrients of this vs that brand/type/etc... for you. But for now, let us focus on remembering the list on our way out the door to the store.

I am a paper and pen, check it off the list as I go kinda gal. This means that forgetting my list is quite bothersome, and I personally feel like I have been thrown for a loop when I get inside the store. I indulge in glutton a little too liberally when the list is absent at shop time.

A couple of things I have become self-aware about over the last few years, and maybe you can relate:

1. The moment I realize I forgot the list I become anxious about not having it and automatically feel overwhelmed that I won't remember what I need. Seeking retail therapy in the form of novelty sweets is my general go-to.

2. No list = No rules!!! When there are no guidelines to follow I can buy whatever I want! I don't need a list! Why was I so anxious before, this is great! ..... This is absolutely NOT true. The "I do what I want" attitude, always ends in a tummy ache topped with guilt.

3. I spend far less time at the grocery store with a list in hand than without. The oddest thing about this tidbit is that I rarely look at my list for direction when shopping. I just want all my checkboxes to be marked! So silly! But then again, less time in the market means less time wandering down the chips and dip aisle, inevitably spending less money, time, and empty calories on an errand.

So, what I have done for the last 3 years is almost foolproof in light of forgetting said list. It requires less effort than you would think too, so thumbs up for that!

I.. Tote bags- they serve as my conduit when it comes to getting goods from store to shelf. As mentioned before, *most people* do not mix their meals up enough to merit a brand new list (though availability to write in items is on the checklist), hence, you can reuse the list multiple times.

II. I suggest printing a few copies then distributing a list to any additional bags. Stow your slouchy sacks and checklist until the next grocery run in your car, purse, or other convenient location so you don't remember twenty-minutes too late that it's still on the printer.

III, Well well well, you are one of the 4% of Seattle's population that doesn't use tote bags, OR maybe you just CAN NOT remember those darn pieces of cloth for the life of you! I get it. Trust me. I got creative in NYC and used my carry on luggage as a large bag for a solid three years. That practice prepared me for my move home, soon after my Seattle arrival, I donated my car. Once again pounding the payment I was reminded breakable bags are no longer an option. So this begs the question, WHAT ABOUT THE LIST?!!?

IV. Option A: Take a picture of the list and save it to your phone, that way you always have it as a backup. Option B: I am also a fan of the "Notes" app on my phone and create checklists for groceries along with a million other things I can check off. Option C: There are applications you can download as well, some cost money, some don't it's all based on your preferences so check out that route if it's your thing!

Tip: Collapsable bags that fit in your pocket are quite handy and lightweight, however, they are best used when moderately weighted items are inside.

For 3 Printable Grocery Checklists click the below link:

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