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The 10 Principles of Organizing

1. The one in one out rule.

2. Before you buy something, decide where it will live in your home, if you don’t know, go home without purchasing it first, and evaluate your need for it.

3. Containers- only buy when you know exactly will go in them- most people have tons of items that can be converted to containers.

4. Label shelves, containers, and drawers.

5. Don’t zig zag from room to room, have a “move box” for items that don’t fit the purpose of the room they are in, take the move box out of the room with you at the end of the day, remember the item should support the space and surrounding area it ends up in.

6. Prioritize, while remembering keeping everything makes nothing important. Decide what truly is important to you and sparks joy, keep loving it, and dismiss the rest.

7. Be decisive.

8. Set a limit of how much XYZ to keep (or specify space for it) and stay committed to that.

9. Paper documents: can you get them online? Consider switching to e-delivery methods.

10. Maintenance plan created and followed. Check back in with yourself quarterly and write down what obstacles/distractions/interruptions you encountered and also what processes worked/continue to be useful today.

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