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What's in my "TA DA" bag?

A "TA DA" bag is something that should accompany any professional organizer regularly. Similar in purpose to a briefcase yet significantly cooler contents. ANYTHING that is broken can be mended by the tools inside here. Hence, TA DA! Fun fact: My running "to do" list is also called my TA DA list, because when I am all done, TA DA!

Ta Da bag contents:

1. Label maker & labels for machine

2. Different types of tape (scotch, duct, double sided)

3. Extension Cord

4. Hammer

5. Nails/screws/tacks AND hooks (different sizes)

6. Screwdriver with 2 heads

7. Tape measure

8. Plastic Zip Lock bags (different sizes)

9. Scissors & Box cutters

10. Post-its & Note cards

11. Pens; 2 black Sharpies, 2 yellow highlighters, 2 pencils, 2 black pens, 2 red pens

12. Leveler

13. Disposable gloves

14. Batteries (different sizes)

15. Notebook, graph paper, calendar

16. Extra tips & tricks lists for organizing

17. Alcohol swabs & band-aids

18. Pliers & Wrench

19. Flashlight

20. Twine & wire

21. Phone charger & headphones

22. Paper clips, safety pins, binder clips, rubber bands

23. Stapler & staple gun

24. Rags, Swiffer pads, sponges (x2)

25. Sewing repair kit

26. Hot glue gun

27. WD-40

28. Envelopes & Stamps

29. Lightly scented candle

30. Business cards

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