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Erin's passion for aesthetically pleasing arrangements developed at a young age. She began sibling-space swaps as soon as she could speak. Moving Matthew (her youngest brother) out and in different rooms "as little as ten times." Always looking for opportunity to explore and learn, Erin has moved an outstanding 30 times in her life! She certainly knows her way around arranging anything from boxes to basic baggage, admitting she is also a travel junkie.


"I am all about activities" she answers about her daily doings. Collaboration, reinvention, and brainstorming are her 3 favorite past times. On lazy days she enjoys a good chuckle at the cinema or canoodling with her cat Pepe (who can be seen photo-bombing in the blog spot).

Erin graduated from Seattle University with a degrees in Accounting, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship (minor). Within a week of receiving her diploma she moved to New York City, working as a nanny before she landed her first corporate accounting job at Bessemer Trust, located in Rockefeller Center. Unfortunately her office relocated to Long Island, a commute she says was not too pleasant. She stuck it out another year, but ultimately decided the return to her local roots in Seattle. Erin studied for the CPA exam around the clock, missing the mark by ONE POINT. Frustrated and burnt out, she decided it was time to dabble in other employment opportunities and put the CPA on the back burner.


The Real Estate Title and Escrow business was introduced to her in 2016, and not her favorite industry. Years later however, she reflects "I kept thinking about my first position there; in the customer service department. I loved the challenge of calming an an angry caller down and the sense of urgency everyone there felt. I would put out one dumpster fire after another, quick like a bunny to calm anxieties. I love helping people and I felt like my work was honorable. NYC helped prepare me for this role teaching me two great life lessons: First, sometimes not everything can get done in one day- it's OK to leave it on the desk until tomorrow, and 2. Not to take anything personally/home. My work felt emotionally satisfying, yet I didn't feel my intellect being stimulated." Moving to the Claims department (with higher pay) was a position her current manager warned her wasn't quite the same environment. She lasted a year and headed back to accounting at a different firm in Bellevue, WA. Curiosity, creativity, and continued education are what drive Erin. Her visit with corporate accounting was short lived. After struggling for a year, the reset button was again pushed in April 2019.

Ms. Lyons decided to take some time off to travel and soul search. She sprinkled her vacations throughout the summer, recounting her 53 days away. Her itinerary ranged from Cuba to Narraganset- all over the map this one! She started nesting as fall poured in, rearranging rooms, decor, and so forth in her home. Her current interests and activities were reflected in the changes she made, first there was the creativity room, then it became a guest room, after that it was an office, then a sewing and stretching space and this goes on. A few friends mentioned what a great gift she had, being able to transform and twerk the taste of the rooms and organizing all the time..

Throughout the year Erin had been researching, herself mostly. What made her tick, what her life was and what she wanted it to be. Reading, writing, and taking the type of tests that tell you who you are (Myers-Briggs, etc). Her top three choices were narrowed to Design, Professional Organizing, or Personal Trainer / fitness instructor. Ultimately: she did not want to go back to school for Design (she JUST paid off her student loans for sh*ts sake!), and she actually hated the gym. Organizing is in Erin's nature, she knew this, but now she wanted to share it with the world. But how? She used her education, experiences, and excitement for organizing to narrate her next steps. Officially opening the Doors to Den in late 2020. Erin has been fortunate to build a business amidst the global pandemic. Commitment to the community by clearing the clutter is something to clap about. There are many benefits of being organized, according to Erin and others, but the most beneficial to her personally, is time. "I save so much time NOT looking for things, I feel like I can easily come and go from my home because it is organized, this means I get to go do what I love; traveling and activities."


Recently Lyons Den Organizing has rebranded online. Erin is committed to engaging with her audience, and has begun planning and posting on various social media platforms. Click icon below to check out where she gets her inspiration from, who she has worked with (before/after photos), and other information!

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

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