All About Erin

~Your Creative Environment Consultant~


Erin's passion for aesthetically pleasing arrangements developed at a young age. She began sibling-space swaps as soon as she could could reach the top shelf in the closet. Her youngest brother was a good participant, and allowed her switch their rooms "as little as ten times." On top of in-home rearrangements, Erin has moved homes an outstanding 35 times in her life! She certainly knows her way around arranging anything from big boxes to basic baggage.

Erin graduated from Seattle University with a degrees in Accounting, Business Management, and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Within a week of receiving her diploma she moved to New York City, working as a nanny before she landed her first corporate job in Private Equity. Switching to Real Estate, and then back to Accounting, she spent years trying to keep up with the corporate world. Erin decided it was time to dabble in other employment opportunities and put the CPA, accounting, and the corporate world on the back burner.

Mid 2019 Ms. Lyons decided to take some time off from being a business professional and soul search. She sprinkled her vacations throughout the following few year. Her itinerary ranged from Cuba to Narraganset- all over the map this one! She started nesting as the winter of 2019 poured in, rearranging rooms, decorating, and so forth. Her current interests and activities were reflected in the changes she made, first there was the creativity room, then it became a guest room, after that it was an office, then a sewing and stretching space and this goes on. A few friends mentioned what a great gift she had; being able to transform and twerk the taste of the rooms and leave them in a more organized fashion.

Reading, writing, and taking the type of tests that tell you who you are (Myers-Briggs, etc) was a part of her year off work, as her self-discovery and interests blossomed so did the idea of owning an organizing business. Organizing is in Erin's nature, she knew this, but now she wanted to share it with the world. She used her education, experiences, and excitement for organizing to narrate her next steps. Officially opening the Doors to Den in late 2020. Erin has been fortunate to build a business amidst the global pandemic. Commitment to the community by clearing the clutter is something to clap about. There are many benefits of being organized, but the most beneficial to her personally, is time. "I save so much time NOT looking for things, I feel like I can easily come and go from my home because it is organized, this means I get to go do what I love; traveling and activities."


Recently Lyons Den Organizing has tackled rebranding online. Erin is committed to engaging with her audience, and has begun planning and posting on various social media platforms. Click the icons below to check out where she gets her inspiration from, before/after photos, and other information! THANK YOU!!

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein