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  • Why hire a Professional Organizer?
    Professional Organizers create systems that are easy to follow and manage. They are there through the entire process (declutter, space plan, clean, and organize) or in whatever capacity you see fit. They are there to motivate you, present ideas, and ultimately create your dream home with you. They allow the ability for freed up time, space, money and more!
  • Will you work with me, or just coach?"
    This is entirely up to you. If you want help doing everything, Lyons Den Organizing is here for you. If you prefer doing the work solo but need a plan of action (minimal hands on sessions scheduled), we can do that too! Weather you need encouragement for donations, want tons of tips and lists, or have a preferred system already in mind and just need a boost getting started, we can make it happen together.
  • What rooms/areas does Lyons Den service?
    Ranging from short term (e.g. closet or car cleaning) to long term projects (e.g. offices full of inventory or garages of hoarders, etc...) Lyons Den is here to accommodate your needs. We believe there is no project too small or task too large to tackle. For a complete list of areas serviced, visit the Services Page and select the topic closest to your needs. If you don't see a room/project mentioned, just ask, chances are YES I CAN DO THAT TOO! Currently serving residential homes in the Seattle Area only.
  • What are the benefits of getting organized?
    ENDLESS! First and foremost: stress levels will decrease, and your attitude and mood will increase to a positive, happy vibe. You will know where all your belongings are placed and have more time to do the things you love (since you won't be busy looking for this or that, or cleaning ASAP for an unexpected guest). You will save money, from items repurposed and new outlook of "less is more", meaning no more impulse buys that clutter the valuable space you have, a possibility for profit from consigned goods (if any) and a tax deduction for donated goods also weighs in your favor. You will be proud of your home and feel comfortable in it again because it will be organized, manageable, clean, and an aesthetically pleasing place for you to enjoy and spend time in. MANY other benefits come from organizing, my Pinterest Board has an entire section devoted to educating people on the positive ways organizing can influence your life, find on the home page under "Little Big Extras".
  • How do I connect with Lyons Den to make an appointment or ask questions?
    Send an email directly through Wix by visiting the "Contact" page, or emailing You can also call Erin Lyons at (206) 883-6547 and leave a message, please allow 48 hours for a response (which will include inquiring when a good time for your FREE 1-hour consultation session would be). Our initial meeting (the free consultation) will consist of a questionnaire which will help point out problem areas, as well as a walk through of the home.
  • Will Lyons Den Organizing keep our sessions confidential?
    Yes! Everything I see, hear, or help with is confidential, 100% of the time. I have many years behind me working with sensitive data (prior accounting and real estate positions) and know how important it is to keep your information confidential. I value privacy and expect the same consideration from my clients.
  • What payment types are accepted and when is payment due?
    We accept cash, checks, and Wix online, Zelle, & Venmo app payments. Your payment is due at end of each session unless it is a "Large project" which we consider anything added to over 40 hours of time to complete. LDO requires 50% down payment, due prior to beginning of first session; for large projects. The rest/final payment is due after completion of ending session. Traveling outside Seattle proper will incur an additional charges as well $5-$75 depending if it's West Seattle or West Philly ;)
  • How long will it take/how much will this cost?
    The short answer is: it depends. There are a few factors to consider before giving a price estimate, and even then, boxes and drawers are full of surprises! We will talk more about how to best work within the timeline and budget you've rewarded yourself with. We offer free 30 minute consultations; after reviewing photos, the intake form and questionnaire, we assess the direct needs and priorities discussed and reviewed. All things considered; an action plan walking through the steps we need to make to complete changing the room from chaos to order, is made based on our view of the area, the plan can be altered, changed, added to, or other XYZ at any time during the phase of the project, we are flexible. Our action plan in turn serves as a starting point for a projected price point. we won't really know until we get started what will happen, but most of the time we are within 15% of our estimated budgets. We offer $20 off per hour for senior citizens lowering the price to $65/hr. for our elders. Additional discounts may be given for families suffering hardships, veterans, and school teachers. Discounts for large jobs are given as well, we consider anything over 10 sessions to be a large job and may need to re adjust payment later on in the projects process should items and events set us back continually. We also give our customers various discounts for repeat service, posting on social media, and giving a us an honest review after the project or recommending us to a friend of family member.! Please let us know if we can help answer this question any better, or if you would like to further discuss discounted options.
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