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Services, Pricing, & Process (BELOW)

Too tired to take on tasks? What roadblocks you face now, are soon to be problems of the past. Lyons Den is here to provide encouragement and gentle (or harsh!) guidance in your area of need. We understand how important it is to feel confident in the Professional Organizer you choose to let in your home, so we always keep our sessions confidential. See service details under the specified service.

  • Up to 30 min free consultation
    30 min
  • Getting hygge with it
    4 hr
  • Relocating clients both near and far~ Packing, downsizing, setting you...
    4 hr
  • Create Productive Areas and Systems
    4 hr
  • Great for party animals who don't like to lift a finger!
    4 hr
  • Great for Air BnB beginners, property managers with new rental tenants...
    4 hr

The 3 Phases of L D O

1. Complimentary Consultation

Completing questionnaires, scheduling appointments, in-home walk-through, discussing the vision of spaces; 30 minutes 

2. Needs and Goals Assessment

Priorities and purposes of each room to be organized, timeline/constraints, space planning, action plan creation. 

3. Organizing/ Action Plan

Decluttering, revaluation of spaces, cleaning, organizing, and maintenance plan/follow-up appointment scheduled. 

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